Fabric Expansion Joints

      Expansion Joints are used to solve an increasing range of flexible challenges, as the new raw materials are developed, technology and design have been improved, and expansion joints are used in wide array of industrial applications.

Expansion Joints are used in four situations:

Expansion or contraction of duct due to temperature


Isolation of components to minimize the effect of

vibration or noise.

Movements of components during process operations

Installations or removal of large components and

erection tolerances.

Fabric Expansion Joints

      LBH manufacturing range of Fabric Expansion Joints consists of 26 standard types divided into five categories.

                Type LN – For clean air system

Type MN – For flue gas with a low acid content

Type RN – For flue gas with high acid content

Type HL – For applications requiring optimal resistance

against chemical attacks or high pressure

Type GTX – For gas turbine application