LBH Expansion Joints India a joint venture company between Susin Technologies India (p) Ltd and LBH International A/S, Denmark LBH International A/S, Denmark establishment in the year 1985. Since then, LBH has ensured an economical durable operation of many plants all over the world by manufacturing high quality Expansion Joints based on more than 25 years know- how.
Now LBH International A/S started it’s operation in India from year 2008, Indian operation is LBH’s first manufacturing unit outside Denmark.
LBH Designs and manufacture Expansion Joints to the entire sector compromising power plats, cement plants, steel plants, oil refineries , chemical plants and especially for the off shore and gas turbine applications, where the demand for superior design and material is high.
Design, manufacture, assemble and sell products of satisfactory quality at the lowest cost possible to the defined markets and groups of customers. And in terms of reputation to establish the company as a dynamic, well-organized and reliable workplace and business partner.
“Satisfactory quality” is defined as the complete satisfaction of customer’s requirements.
High standards of: Reliability Punctuality in delivery Service and advice before and after orders Design Assembly and supervision Design for ease of installation Performance specification Proven installation instructions
Observing current standards and requirements laid down by authorities. “The lowest cost possible” is defined as:
The cost necessary to maintain the chosen level of quality and to provide the optimum value for the customer (no operational stoppages).
Environmental Policy
LBH Expansion Joints India manufactures and sells Expansion Joints in Fabric and Metal for pipe and ducting systems.
Based on the above products manufacture, LBH is improved it’s environmental performance. In so doing, LBH will often exceed legal requirements and other relevant requirements. Compliance with relevant legislation is of course a significant basis for LBH's activities.
Working systematically with damage-reducing initiatives and environmental and health issues. Corrective actions will be planned and implemented continuously.
The natural environment will be protected by seeking to reduce or avoid the environmental impact of LBH's production processes and products through targeted initiatives.
Protecting human life and health against damaging effects resulting from LBH's production processes and products.
Continuously improving LBH's environmental performance, particularly in terms of the stipulated significant environmental effects of our products and production processes.
LBH will continuously make the greatest possible use of cleaner technology, based on an overall assessment of finance and environmental improvements.
Developing new, cleaner products on the basis of evaluations of both production processes and products, based on assessments of the total product lifecycle.
The management has specific responsibility for ensuring that the technical standard of equipment is satisfactory, such that it functions safely in terms of the working environment, in order to minimise the waste of resources from production processes as far as possible
The working environment must be defensible.
All employees must contribute to safe and healthy conditions in the workplace.
Well-being must be promoted through active involvement in health, safety and environmental issues.
All injuries to staff can be avoided. All employees have a responsibility for ensuring that injuries to staff do not occur. The management in particular is responsible for instructing employees in how to work safely and to promote good order and maintenance.
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LBH India ISO 9001: 2008 certified for manufacturer, supply and service of metallic and nonmetallic expansion joints by TUV- SUD, South Asia.
LBH India design personal fully equipped with design and drawings preparation. LBH Denmark design standards are followed with approval from LBH Denmark. Denmark out sources LBH Indian skilled man power design and draw- ings for their interna- tional projects.
Manufacturing and quality procedures are strictly followed as the LBH International A/S standards. The followings are the few international standards followed by LBH India:
Mechanical design and engineering:
EN13445-3 Welding: EN15607
WPS: EN15614-1 with approval of welding in category I,II,III and IV acc. PED97/23
Eng. & Design Metal Expansion Joints : EN13445-3 (15)