Since it began operation in 1987, AHF Industries has gained recognition as an established agent / distributor of industrial & commercial suppliers of valves, valve automations & control solutions and is currently one of the market leader in Singapore.
It is our belief that CUSTOMERS are the foundation of our growth and lead us to pursue immeasurable possibilities to meet our customers’ needs. We invite you to take the advantage of our commitment to develop a trustworthy and mutual benefit vision for a long term development of our business relationship.
AHF Industries is a full service multi-discipline organization for valves supplies, valve automation and control solution for Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. All products & services distributed by AHF Industries are supported by maximum product information and complete after sales service to ensure optimal, reliabilities and trust to our customers.
Active partnership with major automation systems, valves and parts manufacturers so as to ensure that your control and automation projects will have smooth commissioning with long term support.
Our vision is to become world-class company in the Asia-Pacific Region for valves supplies, valve automation and control solution. Our mission is our commitment to provides excellent products and services to our customers in Asia-Pacific Region with Great Trust and Satisfaction in term of our services and products reliabilities.
As we recognizes the importance of valve quality for the safety and protection of personnel health and property. It is our commitment to focus our resources to provide our customer’s with first class products at competitive price, that are designed, manufactured, inspected and tested accordance with our customer’s specifications and that comply with all International Standards.
Most of our valves manufacturers have obtained the below certifications which complied to
International Standard.